LMLM Dance Photo Shoot with Kaleena Valdez!

Kaleena facing camera.jpg

We are happy to welcome our newest instructor, Kaleena Valdez. 

Kaleena is a talented dance educator, performer, and enthusiast with 15 years of experience-and counting. She’s a teacher and choreographer for The Ballet Folklorico Yolotzin and a member of The Academy of Mexican Dance and Music. Kaleena practices ballet, Mexican folk dance, flamenco, and modern dance forms.

She truly values the student-teacher relationship and is passionately dedicated to creating and maintaining a positive and safe class environment. Her approach is tailored to suit the wants and needs of her students. Kaleena pays close attention to her students’ needs when teaching, including strengths and weaknesses. 

We recently got together for a photo shoot for Kaleena’s first LMLM class! The LMLM team got together, snacked on super tasty, protein-rich strawberry banana shakes and got their sweat on! Her class included several types of movements and mixed up various routines. She also helped everyone focus on their breathing.

Kaleena with us.jpg

The class was very relaxing and comfortable! The LMLM team enjoyed stimulating our brain and body. Kaleena was well versed in teaching us tips and tricks, her philosophy and exercise concepts. She took this a step further and recommended books to help us continue our education. Her class is still great for more advanced student who wants to be held accountable for doing their stretches during the week. Her focus on small classes really enhanced the experience. It was like a personal training session and private dance classes rolled into one! We loved it!

Her Fitness Fundamentals class incorporates dance related movement with an effectively warm-up, stretches, and a cool-down. These fundamentals help prevent injury and improve performance to help you get the most out of your workouts. 

Be sure to stay tuned for more details and sign up soon! What are some of your favorite stretches? What are your favorite dance moves?