Create Musical Mandalas

We love finding unique ways to blend together art forms. Charlotte’s Mandalas on Vinyl Records beautifully combines music and painting. Mandalas are complex, circular designs with one distinct center point. Mandalas represent a spiritual connection between our inner and outer self. They can be customized with colors and designs that are significant to the artist. Drawing has been proven to be therapeutic and relaxing for all ages. There’s even been a recent popularity surge in adult coloring books!

Our class participants were very excited to make their distinct creations. If you’re stuck on ideas, here are some great designs for inspiration. Charlotte does an amazing job at making it easy to follow along for all skill levels. She also encourages everyone to personalize their lovely creations.

Manadalas 1 Seeds Center

Be sure to check out Charlotte’s class on Sunday afternoons. Stylize your space with some handmade painted mandalas or create one as a thoughtful gift!

mandalas seeds center 2.jpg
Mandalas seeds center 3.jpg