Acupressure in Andersonville: Meet N' Greet!


We are incredibly thrilled to have just held our first event with the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce! The Resolution Andersonville's FREE Service Business Fair took place on 1/20 and was part of the 2018 Resolution Weeknd, which focused on highlighting health and wellness businesses in Andersonville. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet other amazing local businesses, talk shop and get to know the neighborhood. Seeds Center is truly passionate about supporting other local businesses and we are very grateful to have had this opportunity.  It was inspiring to meet other health-focused businesses such as reiki, instructors, acupuncturists and local gyms. 

Instructor Dong put together a wonderful, relaxing experience. She carefully crafted tea for attendees to take home. Her special tea blend included herbs for relaxation and health maintenance.


Dong also completed this tranquil experience with short qi gong/energy work and acupressure demos.

Be sure to check out her wide repertoire of classes, including, qi gong/energy work, acupressure, and medicinal teas

We feel very fortunate to have been part of this event. We look forward to being part of more Chamber of Commerce events in the near future! Stay tuned for details. 

- Seeds Center