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Since 2017, Seeds Center’s free program offers a diverse range of activities and new skills for students to learn together all while experiencing and bonding with those 55 and older and Millennial and younger in the same recurring group for each term.

Experiences students shared together over the 2 years have included:

digital photography | paper flower making | marbled designs on card-stock | qi gong, herbal medicinal teas, diy acupressure | mini Chinese crepes | butternut squash soup making contest | latin dance | line dance | calligraphy | reflective painting | conversational painting | abstract wave painting | jewelry making | wire wrapping | understanding canines | drawing mandalas on vinyl records | vision boards | embossing on tin

Our funding for the program has so far been completely individual based, and feedback includes:

When asked, "What value have you gained participating in Seeds Center programs?"

We received this amazing response:
I value my time, I saw how this program made me take the time in the morning to go somewhere and I realized that time can be made special if you make it special. Time waits for no one and thanks to this program it's made me see how I should spend my time to live my life to the fullest with no regrets.

Pat Kelly Recommends on Facebook: Loved participating in Seeds inter-generational learning experience HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I hope to see this group grow into a a nationwide movement of groups sharing their collaborative, creative. ideas as the generations learn from each other. Exchange of ideas, presence, and love in each other lives with forward insight and expression.

AND, 100% of our anonymously polled students would recommend Seeds Center to others.

Stay tuned for other new and innovative programs and disciplines like our 2019 Any Language Initiative.

Inter-Gen Jewelry-Making 2018

Inter-Gen Jewelry-Making 2018