SEEDS CENTER - What is it?

Well, we offer a website ( www.SeedsCenter.org ) for folks to sign up for classes and learn about our programs like those that we provide the community for free, but Seeds Center is, in a variety of ways, a multi-experience and multi-inter-generational learning hub - made singularly with the vision of creating a more harmonious society. Our free "stepping stone" programs, which began in 2017, experiment and explore inclusive, connected, positive, and possible learning processes and viable options to such a goal for the open public.

Seeds Center is currently rooted in the physical location of Unity Community Center of Unity Lutheran Church, an open and affirming institution, located in one of the most socioeconomically diverse areas in Chicago close to the micro-areas of the Asian community on Argyle in Uptown, the bustling Andersonville, and the Bryn Mawr Historic District.

While conventional learning in the US has been more segregated in terms of age and opportunity, less experience-based/hands-on, and less integrated across disciplines (particularly in the creative and “practical” realms), Seeds Center hopes to challenge such notions by creating change from the bottom up.

The theory is based on Seeds Center founder, Charlotte Lin’s philosophy that learning is truly the key to thriving and if we instill the best practices for learning and plant them into the community, we can start to create unimaginable positive changes for our future.

Seeds Center brings people together and pioneers new community enriching programs to rethink gaps in traditionally structured learning, both on the instructors' side and for that of the student. Seeds Center hopes to work as a supporting figure in the current frameworks of traditionally structured learning creating valuable new programs filling specific needs but not to replace existing institutions.

Seeds Center, NFP is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Shop Smile.Amazon.com with us, find us on GuideStar, and raise funds on Facebook all for a good cause. Together - we can create unimaginable beauty.