Ultimately, Seeds Center seeks to become an inter-generational community center for people of all ages to engage with each other empowered by their love for learning and for a healthy life.

Through our holistic approach to personal enrichment, we seek to foster habits that promote a healthier, more open-minded society centered on understanding and making possibilities come true- all the while maintaining our roots of having a supportive and freelance structure tailored to our instructors.

Join our mission and vision of both personal and community growth by clicking here which will connect you ways to stay in touch, volunteer, teach, donate, and more. We want to thank you so much for visiting and reading. Feel free to continue on to learn more about us and also some of the benefits to learning especially when together and the importance of cross-generational societies to your right.


Back in early 2016, Seeds Center was named Learn More, Live More, based on Charlotte S Lin's philosophy that learning is really our key to thriving. Since then 4 cornerstone values were created. They are represented by the words Inclusive | Connected | Positive | Possible. This is because we hope to become an intergenerational learning center connecting all kinds of people of all the ages together in learning environments that foster positivity and possibility giving them space to interact, learn, grow, discover, and flourish with all the possibilities we can give them.


Our first intergenerational stepping stone program ever featured 7 different sessions taught by our instructors and an 8th session where the students taught each other something new and all of completely no cost to our students. They were also engaged in activities and opportunities to reflect and connect with another as a small and intimate group. It is a step toward the vision we have for the future and the bigger picture of a healthier, more-open minded society propelled by a love for learning especially together.


Studies also show a strong correlation between well-being and learning. Among the benefits include autonomy and mental, emotional, social, physical, and cognitive health as well as personal growth. 

Seeds Center seeks to foster that personal well-being but also help build better relationships among people. There is correlation of better and longer lasting relationships due to learning new things together as well as a way to team build and lessen othering.

We also hope to limit isolation by bringing experiences to those who cannot or have difficulty leaving their homes or have experienced a great loss of their social network. 

Other than that, there is also research showing the benefits of bringing different age groups together including what is called the grandmother effect showing a correlation between better physical health and limits on diseases due to having a "grandmother" in your life. Pretty amazing!

In addition, Seeds Center seeks to foster a healthy outlook and healthy actions, habits, and skills to also contribute to the preventative care of each individual, alleviating costs for institutions and individuals and their families as well. For example, learning simple treatments through acupressure for certain ailments and also healthy cooking.