Founder and Art, Culinary, and Learn Anything Instructor,  Charlotte Lin

Founder and Art, Culinary, and Learn Anything Instructor, Charlotte Lin

Hello to you, lovely people, whom have found our site,

There's more about me and Seeds Center here, but I'm here to introduce you to this page. Below are letters from our instructors giving you a sneak peak into their personalities, who they are, and where they come from especially for their specialty. Hope you enjoy!

And, thanks for stopping by (you should make a purchase, haha). We hope to see you soon!

- Charlotte

Learn with Charlotte: Mandala Drawing on Vinyl Records, Chinese Culinary Learning Experiences, and Learn Anything

  Trained Designer and Self-Taught Studio Artist , Gloria "Godie" Rivera

Trained Designer and Self-Taught Studio Artist, Gloria "Godie" Rivera

Hello there to all the creative and curious ones! 

My name is Gloria I. Rivera, but you can call me Godie (Gōdē). 

I am a self-taught artist, trained designer, and all around creative and I am the visual arts instructor for your little ones as well as adults. 

I enjoy working with all ages and allowing the curiosity and inner creative to flourish. 

My approach to instruction is passive and only goes as far as needed to get your creativity going. 

Feel free to take a look through my website to see what I have been up to artistically www.GloriaIRivera.com

I can’t wait to have you in my next class! 


Learn with Gloria: PAINT NIGHT! with that special Young One in your life, SELF REFLECTIVE PAINTING (21 and over), and Private Group Paint Session

  Jewelry Maker/Instructor,  Jahmilla I Sims

Jewelry Maker/Instructor, Jahmilla I Sims

Greetings Earthlings,

I'm Jahmilla I. Sims (Jahmilla it rhymes with vanilla), and I will be your instructor for Jewelry Making for Beginners.

I'm a self-taught jewelry artist, who has been creating jewelry 2001, discovering and using various materials such as precious gem stones, Vinyl, acrylic beads, wood beads, leather and the list go on.

Creating jewelry is a wonderful and expressive form of art. With a variety of colors, and shapes you can create a unique piece that is an expression of your personality or simply something fun to wear on a hot date.

You can view my work and follow me on Pinterest under the name Jahmilla Vanilla.

Learn with Jahmilla: Handcrafted Beginner's Jewelry Making


  Professional Dancer, Choreographer, and Movement Instructor,  Kaleena Valdez

Professional Dancer, Choreographer, and Movement Instructor, Kaleena Valdez


My name is Kaleena Valdez and I am a Dance Educator, Performer, and Enthusiast with 16 years of experience-and counting. In 2006, I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts and Education from The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley. Currently, I am a teacher, choreographer, and performer for The Ballet Folklorico Yolotzin and The Academy of Mexican Dance and Music.

A few of the dance forms that I practice are Ballet, Mexican folk dance, Flamenco, and Modern. I have recently achieved a life, long-term goal when I toured Mexico this past Fall as a professional performance artist. This experience has helped me to grow as an artist and I am excited to share what I have learned throughout my career-with you!

You can also learn more about me and connect with me on Social Media at this link: https://goo.gl/vhDmRR

Learn with Kaleena: Dance Thru the Decades, Latin Dances, and Customized Class(es) for all levels

  Traditional Chinese Culture Instructor , Dong Chen

Traditional Chinese Culture Instructor, Dong Chen

Hello friends,

It’s very nice to meet all of you.

I am Dong, your qi gong and herbal, medicinal teas instructor, native born from China. Ever since my pre-teen days, I have been studying traditional Chinese herbology. Later in life, I learned qi gong, acupressure, and acupuncture as an adult. I have also had a passion for the arts, working as a photographer for a publishing house in my home city Shanghai, China and then later achieving my culinary degree in Chicago.

To me, Chinese medicine is an art. I learned that during my sick childhood, suffering from severe asthma which had prevented me from attending elementary school. During my quest to find relief from asthma, I learned the value of Chinese medicinal philosophy and the ancient knowledge it carries.

I want to share my experience and knowledge with everyone just as my father did as a qi gong grand master. We both found our cures for our ailments through the practice of traditional Chinese medicinal philosophy and arts. Please read the incredible story of my father’s recovery in the qi gong class description found here: https://www.verlocal.com/pages/payment_page?listing_id=18203&hb=t

Thank you all for reading.


Dong Chen

Learn with Dong: Herbal and Medicinal Teas,  Qi Gong - Simple and Healing Moving Meditation, and Beginner's Custom Learning of Chinese Acupressure

  Culinary Instructor and Personal Chef,  Kimberly Callis   

Culinary Instructor and Personal Chef, Kimberly Callis


Dear Students,

Hi, I’m Chef, Kimberly Callis your instructor for your next culinary experience. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I have been a foodie all of my life and come from a family of foodies. I have learned about cooking from family, friends, and professionals.  After a career in the business world, I studied the culinary arts at Kendall College - Chicago. Prior to starting my own Personal Chef business, I have worked under a Michelin starred chef and in restaurants in the city for a few years.  

My philosophy about food is simple - Great ingredients cooked with love and care! In my classes you will learn how to make items from whole foods using fresh and healthy ingredients. We may make things  from scratch in class, but I’ll show you how to save time and calories where possible based on your dietary needs. I’ll also teach you about food history and a little food nerdiness along the way.

I look forward to our time together. Get ready to have some fun and play with our food!

Bon Appetit!

Chef Kim

Learn with Kim: Culinary Learning Experiences

  Life Coach and Psychotherapist,  Kerry Ito, MA, LCPC, ACHt

Life Coach and Psychotherapist, Kerry Ito, MA, LCPC, ACHt

Greetings fellow seekers of joy,

I am a life coach and psychotherapist who has been working in private practice since 2002.  Prior to becoming a clinical counselor, I was a corporate consultant and analyst for companies such as Bankers Life and Casualty, The Chicago Tribune, and Harris Bank.  This corporate experience provided me a unique world view, as well as leading me to my calling of helping others find balance, freedom and joy in their lives.  

Please join me in Reclaim Your Joy Book Club, where I will share with you my favorite books that have supported me in my path to a joyous life.

Kerry Ito, MA, LCPC, ACHt
Life Coach and Psychotherapist

Learn with Kerry: Reclaim Your Joy Phone Assessments


  Certified Professional Dog Trainer,  Sarah Koppel

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Sarah Koppel

Dear canine lovers,

I, Sarah Koppel, owner and operator of Pawsitively Balanced Dog Training LLC, am a positive reinforcement based dog trainer.

Are you interested in improving you understanding of canine behavior? How they communicate and develop? Is your dog bored or is it difficult to manage your pup in different situations? 

Well, I provide classes answering owners' behavioral questions while teaching useful education materials about body language, training techniques, and information on how dogs learn in order to build a stronger bond though training. These will be dog-less classes but we can discuss private in-home training as needed.


Learn with Sarah: Dog Training Phone Consultations


  Calligraphy Instructor,  Jessica H. Wang

Calligraphy Instructor, Jessica H. Wang

Hi there! 

I'm Jessica Wang of JHWCalligraphy. I have been playing with handwriting since I could dot my "i's" with circles. I learned calligraphy in 7th grade and fell in love with it, relishing the left-handed challenge that calligraphy brings! I won the accolade of the best left-handed calligrapher in my Montessori middle school in Hyde Park from my art teacher who taught me. From this more-than-a-decade-long hobby I have created birthday cards, anniversary cards, mother's day cards, any occasion cards (the most fun!) to send to friends, family, loved ones, and randos! Most recently I consulted a local electronics business to create custom made holiday cards, complete with personalized corporate gift for their vendors and partners. I also have posters of song lyrics I fell in love with to, literally, be surrounded by words. Check out my claim to fame at my Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JHWCalligraphy. Can't wait to start beautifying letters with you! Let's start lettering!


Learn with Jessica: Left and Right Handed Beginner's Calligraphy

  Vegan and Raw Food Chef, Herbalist, and Holistic Healer,  Shajee’ah Abdulmalik

Vegan and Raw Food Chef, Herbalist, and Holistic Healer, Shajee’ah Abdulmalik


My name is Shajee’ah, I’m a raw food chef, herbalist, gardener, holistic health educator and licensed esthetician, offering herbal medicine solutions and remedies to my clients who suffer from nutritional dis-eases, helping to rebuild the body with natural healing modalities. I started working with the plants as medicine in the early 90s. My commitment to wellness is rooted in my vegan life style that I have implemented for twenty years. I’m enlighten by science, I’m inspired by the natural beauty of the earth.

Peace & Divine Light! 

Learn with Shajee'ah: Raw and Vegan Culinary Learning Experiences